Reactive exhaust Jet Dyeing uses an enormous amount of salt in their dye process. Collected in the ETP, the salt is bound into a solid, trapping other toxic chemicals, then dredged out of the ETP and dumped into the ocean or a landfill.

Reactive Dyeing and The Nano-Dye Process also forms salt in the neutralization process, but the salt made is very minor compared to salt used in the actual dye bath to make the Reactive Dyeing Process possible.

The result is The Nano-Dye Process, using less chemistry, exhausting 97% of dyes, and not needing salt to dye, has a resulting effluent within 70% lower TDS (total dissolved solids) making ZLD (zero liquid discharge) plants inexpensive to build and run, instituting a CLOSED LOOP dye plant as a cost-efficient reality. Nano-Dye is the cleanest way to dye cellulosic and cellulosic blend textiles.

Closed-loop ZLD dye plants are now an affordable reality!

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